Bariatry Surgeon

Prof. Dr. Öge Taşçılar

Dr. Öge Taşcılar was born in 1966 in Adana, Turkey.

Dr. Taşcılar obtained his M.D. from the Medical Faculty of Ankara University in Turkey in 1992. He did his general surgery training at Gazi University from 1992-1998.

Upon completion of his residency he worked in Mardin Governmental Hospital as a specialist (1998-2004). He then joined the Medical Faculty of Bülent Ecevit (formerly Zonguldak Karaelmas) as a faculty member in University (2004-2014) working both as a teaching and an operating surgeon.

While he was working as a hepatopancreaticobiliary and bariatric surgeon, he performed more than 60 successful whipple resections and operated over thousands of bariatric surgery patients with different techniques, specifically with laparoscopic procedures.

In 2012, he studied in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center as a clinical observer for hepatic, biliary and pancreatic cancer surgery with Dr. Juman Fong and in Weill Cornell University Hospital as a clinical observer for metabolic surgery with Dr. Alphons Pomp and Dr. Francesco Rubino.

Between the years 2014 and 2018, he worked as an academic staff member and a bariatric specialist in Yeditepe University Hospital in Istanbul.

Throughout his academic years, he was interested in treatment of Surgical Oncology of abdominal organs along with bariatric surgery.

He is mostly known for his successful operations in Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (more than 1500 cases) with three ports with no drain and with early oral feeding (after 6 hours of surgery). For this particular operation, the operation duration is nearly one hour.

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