About Celyxmed

Celyxmed embodies quality global healthcare, bringing together specialists' expertise, academic integration, and unwavering commitment to patient satisfaction at every step of the medical journey. From bariatric surgery that offers a new lease on life, to transformative plastic surgery, precise hair transplants, and impeccable dental aesthetics, each service is executed with the utmost care.

We provide trusted support from your arrival to departure, ensuring a seamless and supportive experience. At Celyxmed, excellence isn't just a vision; it's delivered in every procedure and interaction, affirming our status as a leader in international healthcare.

JCI Certified

Celyxmed upholds the highest standards with JCI certification, ensuring top-tier healthcare quality and patient safety.

25 Years of Surgeons

Our surgeons bring 25 years of expertise to provide expert, reliable surgical outcomes.

10,000+ Consultants

Leverage the diverse expertise of over 10,000 consultants for tailored, specialized care.

Professional Medical Team

Our dedicated team offers exceptional care, supporting you through every step of your treatment.

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