Chemotherapy is used to treat cancer, prevent its spread, slow the growth of a tumor and destroy cancer cells depending on the type and stage of cancer. Chemotherapy is the only treatment method for certain cases while it is used consecutively or simultaneously with other treatment methods (surgery and radiotherapy). The same procedures may be used before, after or simultaneously with radiotherapy. In order to treat cancer, different drugs are provided in a variety of different ways depending on the type of cancer.

How Does Chemotherapy Procedure Work?

The method of administration of chemo treatments along with the dose is determined by demanding to test called clinical trials, which are done prior to the specific chemo drug being available for commercial use with patients. During this chemotherapy testing process, scientists and doctors determine how specific chemo drugs are absorbed in the body and how they work. Sometimes stomach juices can destroy different chemicals, making some medications impossible to give as a pill. Other substances are found to have better anti-cancer action if given intravenously (needle in the vein).  Some medications can be given as an injection into the muscle and still, others are absorbed when given directly into the bladder or the abdominal cavity.

Cancer occurs when certain cells in the body keep dividing and forming more cells without the ability to stop this process. Chemotherapy protocols involve destroying cancer cells by keeping the cells from further multiplying. Unfortunately, in the process of undergoing chemotherapy protocols, healthy cells can also be affected, especially those that naturally should divide quickly. This process tries to maximize the elimination of cancer cells while minimizing the negative effects that these protocols have on healthy cells. Much progress in developing successful chemotherapy protocols has been made, including the identification of many different types of cancer and the corresponding development of effective chemotherapy protocol solutions. But there is still much work to be done.

What are the Side Effects of Chemotherapy?

As Chemotherapy designed to eliminate ill cells that divide quickly in your body, it can eliminate healthy cells with the ill ones. So, when chemotherapy damages normal cells, this causes side effects. Chemotherapy side effects occur differently in each structure and it may affect your heart, lungs, nerve endings, kidneys, or reproductive organs.

Chemotherapy can make you feel sick, cause you vomit. Besides, it can cause diarrhea, dry mouth, high fever, hair loss, weight loss, fatigue, memory problems, neuropathy, concentration problems, skin changes, nail changes, insomnia, sexual changes, fertility changes. Your doctor can help you manage these side effects with medications, lifestyle tips and more.