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Vaginoplasty implies a procedure that is performed to eliminate abnormal relaxation and loss of elasticity in vagina due to aging, delivery, gynecologic interventions and so on. The procedure is also known as vaginal tightening, vagina tightening and vaginal reconstruction.

What is the Purpose of Vaginoplasty?

Procedures that aim tighten and narrow the vagina are performed to meet needs of tightening and narrowing the vagina that has loosened and enlarged due to reasons whatsoever. Vaginal tightening poses positive influences on both men and women. Besides, the procedure ensures elimination of poorly healed delivery scars and better aesthetic appearance of the vagina. Vaginoplasty boosts self-confidence of women and facilitates sexual satisfaction. Even if the person is nullipar or has never given a childbirth, elasticity can be lost due to frequent sexual intercourse.

How is Vaginoplasty Performed?

Vaginoplasty tightens vaginal inlet and vaginal canal. In addition to this surgery, volume of inner labia (labia minora) is reduced, outer labia (labia majora) are augmented and mons pubis is recontoured. The procedure is carried out under general anesthesia and it takes approximately 1 hour. No visible scar remains in genital region. Pain is not a matter of concern in vaginoplasty procedures as long as the procedure is performed by professional and experienced specialists. It is better that the woman is not in the period in perioperative period. Labioplasty (inner labia aesthetics) can also be combined with vaginoplasty.

What is Labiaplasty (Inner Labia Aesthetics)?

Labioplasty is the procedure of reducing and shortening the inner labia. Abnormally sagging inner labia are visually irritating for women and may cause aesthetic concerns. Besides, sagging inner labia may result in pain during sexual intercourse and difficulty urination. Labioplasty plays a major role in preventing those problems and regaining the aesthetic appearance.

When combined with Labiaplasty, which means “aesthetics of external genital region”, Vaginoplasty surgeries may provide healthy results in every possible way. Inner labia can be reduced in size and shaped and this procedure can be combined with vaginal surgeries. This practical method restores health in women who suffer from urinary tract infection at frequent intervals, cannot ensure genital hygiene in all aspects and aim for aesthetic improvement in her large inner labia.

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