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In which cases should rhinoplasty be performed?

Rhinoplasty is a surgery performed for both aesthetic and clinical purposes. Aesthetic rhinoplasty surgeries are commonly performed for discontent on appearance of the nose. On the other hand, rhinoplasty surgeries are performed to correct deformity occurred due to trauma. Rhinoplasty may be performed due to complaints such as hooked, long nose, droopy nose tip, oversized nostrils or asymmetry.

Is there an age limit for rhinoplasty?

Muscoskeletal system should be sufficiently developed for rhinoplasty surgeries so children should grow out of developmental age. Development of bone and cartilage structure is taken as basis for rhinoplasty rather than age limits. However, prominent ear surgeries can be performed as early as at 6 years of age, since ears complete development earlier than the nose, with psychology of the child kept under consideration. Although there is no maximum age limit for plastic surgeries, increase in effects of anesthesia and postoperative complications with advanced age should be taken into consideration. On the other hand, aesthetic surgeries can be performed once patient’s general health status is examined and no other conditions contraindicating the surgery are detected.

Are there any differences between rhinoplasty for males and females?

There are differences in male and female nose with aesthetic regard. The criteria for the issue are the angulations between nose and lip. While it is 90 degrees for men, it is greater for women. So, female nose should point higher than of males. The surgical principles applied in rhinoplasty for males and females are the same however; portions and angles of degrees vary. Tip and width of the nose are more prominent for men. Passage between dorsum of the nose and nose tip should be ambiguous and the angle of nose and lip should not cause feminine appearance.

How should rhinoplasty surgeons be chosen?

Candidates for rhinoplasty usually choose between a plastic surgeon and otorhinolaryngologist. Although it may seem as functional surgery is the field of otorhinolaryngologists while aesthetic rhinoplasty is the field of plastic surgeons; surgeries may be performed by experienced surgeons of either field. The patient who has decided to go through rhinoplasty surgery should disclose her/his expectations and doctor should inform the patient on the way she/he can make changes. Doctors should use 2 or 3 dimensional visual tools for the issue to present the patient with approximately expected postoperative appearance. A plastic surgeon may eliminate breathing problems of the nose. Aesthetic rhinoplasty is more complicated than functional surgeries. Doctors of the both branches may handle the surgery. Preference of the patient is crucial on this subject.

How is aesthetic rhinoplasty performed; which techniques are used during surgeries?

The techniques used in aesthetic rhinoplasty are generally classified as open technique or closed technique surgery. Closed and open surgeries present advantages and disadvantages depending on the actual surgery to be performed.

  • Open rhinoplasty; It is performed via a small incision made at inferior aspect of nostrils. Opening of this section provides the surgeon with a wider field of view. The procedures that are performed on cartilage and bone are usually the same in closed technique. Open rhnioplasty technique is preferred for patients with severe deformity or history of prior aesthetic surgeries, called secondary surgery. The biggest advantage of open rhinoplasty is the wide field of vision and working space provided for the surgeon. On the other hand, recovery period for edema in tip of the nose and the bruising to occur is longer compared to closed rhinoplasty technique.
  • Closed rhinoplasty; Incisions are made inside the nostrils for closed rhinoplasty technique. Although field of surgical vision is narrow; there is no risk of visible suture marks from the outside with closed technique surgery. Also, the recovery period is shorter compared to open rhinoplasty technique.

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