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What is dental implant?

Dental implant is the titanium screw system used for prosthesis placement in place of missing teeth. Dental implants placed on jaw bone serve as root of tooth. Replacing single missing tooth separately from adjacent healthy teeth is possible while using fixed dentures for multiple missing teeth instead of removable prosthesis is possible thanks to dental implants. Fixing removable dentures, which are especially difficult to use in lower jaw and tend to fall out, via implants is possible in case of complete loss of teeth.

How is treatment process in dental implants?

Implant treatments takes longer time than conventional dental treatments to complete construction of prosthesis, because it takes 2.5 to 4 months for fusion between titanium material and the jawbone. In addition, if the jawbone is surgically intervened or sinus lift is performed on the upper jaw, it is necessary to wait for 6 months. However, very successful and longer lasting outcomes are obtained at the end of this interval.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

Existing prosthesis especially for patients with missing teeth for several years will become unfit in time and cause dents due to continuous change in bone structure. The dentures placed on implants are placed on a fixed foundation; therefore they don’t move or fall out of the mouth. It is utilized for patients refusing removable dentures or whose jaw cannot hold the dentures in place.

Is dental implant surgery difficult?

The operations which are performed under local anesthesia and where only the operation site is anesthetized are painless. Using the preoperatively prescribed medication, postoperative use of antiseptic mouthwash and good dental care will help with a comfortable recovery period.

Will my face swell too much after dental implant surgery? Will I be in a lot of pain?

Mild swelling or discoloration is expected in cheek; however edema will regress rapidly with 24-hour cold compression. Severe pain is not felt; pain-killer medication prescribed by the doctor will be sufficient to easily put the pain that may occur in the first days under control.

How does dental implant process work? How long will it take to complete my teeth?

Implants are expected to be fused with bone approximately after 3 months at upper jaw and 2 months at lower jaw; then, porcelain veneers are applied. In presence of thin or insufficiently high bones, waiting period may be prolonged to 6 months if additional procedures have been previously carried out.

Can dental implants be applied without sutures?

Cases are possible in which single tooth extraction is performed and implants are placed without incision during the same session.

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