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Why do women want breast augmentations?

In this operation, the size of breasts is augmented using silicone implants. Women go through these surgeries for various reasons;

1-For treatment of volume loss in breast after pregnancy,

2-For repair of volume difference between breasts,

3-For breast reconstruction after cancer surgery.

How is the operation carried out?

The surgery is carried out under general anesthesia at the hospital. Prostheses that are filled with silicone gels are used for the breast augmentation. Prosthesis is most commonly placed via incisions made around the nipple and beneath the breast measuring 4 cm in size. Silicone prosthesis is placed under breast tissue or behind pectoral muscle. There are various types of prosthesis, such as round, drop-shaped, smooth or textured. Operation lasts 1 to 2 hours and one night of hospitalization is sufficient.

What is the most preferred prosthesis type?

Result of breast augmentation surgery via silicone depends on the type of prosthesis used. Prosthesis technologies have developed over time. Our patients currently prefer “Drop” shaped prosthesis.

A fact to consider is that breasts are not round. They extend towards the nipple with a slight curvature at superior aspect and form a sharper curve continuing to inferior aspect of the breast. Anatomic prostheses were produced to address this issue. Use of prostheses with anatomical shape containing cohesive gel which are more natural to the touch has become more common.

Who are the best candidates for breast reduction surgeries?

These surgeries are carried out to improve comfort of patients rather than for aesthetic purposes. Many women experience severe problems with physical activities due to large breasts. Breast reduction surgery is usually not performed before breasts are completely developed. On the other hand, it may be performed on younger women with serious problems.

What kind of procedure is mastopexy?

Breasts sag over the years as a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding and gravity. Breast skin loses its elasticity, shape and perkiness. Also, the dark-colored skin around the nipple becomes enlarged.

Mastopexy surgery is a minor surgery compared to breast reduction surgery. The dark-colored skin around the nipple is reduced in mastopexy surgery. Lifting the breast by re-shaping is possible if volume of breast tissue is sufficient.

If breasts have sagged and there is volume loss, the breast volume is required to be increased via silicone implants. Women may determine the difference by checking the space their breasts take up in their bra.

This surgery does not stop sagging, but restores them to the prior shape. If the patient considers giving birth, we recommend postponing the surgery.

The operation takes 2 to 3 hours. One night of hospitalization is sufficient.

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