Exp. RDN. Bihter Nurten Pala

Phytotherapy (Herbal Treatment)

Department: Nutrition and Dietetics

Expertise: Phytotherapy (Herbal Therapy)

Faculty and Year: Yeditepe University, Faculty of Health Sciences – 2017

Place and Year of Birth: Istanbul, 1993

E-mail: bihter.pala@yeditepe.edu.tr

Year and Place of Specialty: 2018, Yeditepe University, Institute of Health Sciences

Foreign Languages: English

Career Summary:

Yeditepe University Specialized Hospital | 10.12.2018 – Presently

Private Gebze Central Hospital | 6.11.2017 – 19.11.2018

Certificates and Documents:

EIDER, Phytovision, Phytotherapy, Aromatherapy, Apitherapy and Cosmetics Innovations Congress, 2018, Istanbul

KEPAN, Antalya, Clinical Enteral Parenteral Nutrition Congress, (2017, April)

Berlin, Germany, ‘9th International Congress on Nutrition and Health’ (2017, February)

Turkish Diabetes and Obesity Foundation, Istanbul ‘7th National Obesity Congress’ (2016, December)

Acıbadem University, İstanbul “5. National Healthy Life Symposium 201 (2016, March)

Şifa University, İzmir Mult Multidisciplinary Approach to Obesity Congress ’(2015, November)

Istanbul University, Istanbul ‘3rd International Halal and Healthy Food Congress’ (2015. November)

International Metabolic Balance Congress (March, 2015)

 Association Club Memberships:

Dieticians Association of Turkey

Association of Clinical Enteral Parenteral Nutrition

Areas of Interest: Phytotherapy (Herbal Therapy)

Weight Control After Bariatric / Metabolic Surgery

Medical Nutrition in Obesity

Mother and Baby Nutrition

Medical Nutrition in Gestational Diabetes

Medical Nutrition in Oncology

Medical Nutrition in Diabetes