As CelyxMed Company

“Republic of Turkey intermediaries authorized by the health ministry”

Throughout our specialized brand, best medical services can be provided to those who are in need to be treated in a proper way by specialized doctors at efficient medical establishments. Our mission is to give a comfortable process to the patients and their relatives during that period. Also minimizing all kind of difficulties that the patient may encounter them during the treatment process. Leading our patients to choose the best health institutions equipped with the latest technology. In addition, offering our patients decent healthcare with the most affordable cost.

CelyxMed in Figures

15729 ↑Patient Served527↑Reviews27 ↑Hospitals249 ↑Top Doctors

Radiology Council

Our organizations established in a direction that can provide 7/24 uninterrupted service to our patients. Our patients can upload the radiology printouts in their hands and get a second opinion, and it will be checked whether the diagnosis is made correctly, for this aim we have created a platform where our patients can get the exact outcomes through

Within this platform, we provide continuous service with nearly 30 radiology specialists, associate professors, and professors’ physicians. Within this service, we can afford our patients another opportunity, which they can send images of their condition and it will be checked by our expert doctors then sending them a detailed report containing diagnosis and treatment procedures.