Randy Jackson is one of the celebrities who has type II diabetes and has an overweight problem. Randy Jackson had gastric bypass operation in 2003. With the support of vitamins and exercise after the operation, Randy Jackson lost approximately 100 pounds of weight. Randy Jackson, who tried various methods to lose weight before the operation, but was unsuccessful, stated that he had a healthier diet after the bariatric operation.

            Weight problems can be seen at any age and ideal weight can be reached with diet-exercise methods. However, in some cases, especially in the case of a weight-related disease, as in the case of Randy Jackson, these methods alone are not sufficient for weight loss. Excess weight disrupts the balance, which is the most important element of the body. Disruption of the balance not only prevents the body from performing its functions, but also disrupts food intake and expenditure. Therefore, when there is a chronic and serious disorder in the health system, even with professional help, weight loss efforts may not be successful. When bariatric surgery methods are performed by an experienced and experienced team, it is an effective medical solution to overcome these problems.