1. Operation and hospitalization periods will be in an Academic Hospital which means that you will be treated by expert and academic staff in all area. And if needed easily can be helped by all Department in anyway.
  2. We have expert staff and expert nurses about bariatrics in İstanbul,
  3. Hospital is under control of Joint Commition International(JCI).
  4. During your Istanbul period you may feel the comfort of have contact with the CelyxMed staff and Surgeon 24 hours a day.
  5. You will be examined by Anesthesia, and if needed Pulmonary Specialist and Cardiologist for you to have this survey safely.
  6. You will have detailed but only necessary tests will be done.
  7. Our Surgeon is an Expert Bariatric Surgeon about laparoscopy and sleeve gastrectomy
  8. This operation is minimally invasive (laparoscopic) and generally will be done with only three holes from your abdomen
  9. Operation rooms and equipments are all according to Bariatric patients. Operating table can hold up to 450 kg patient safely.
  10. We use best instruments and devices (highest quality in bariatric surgery- Covidien, Medtronics, USA)
  11. Less antibiotic usage. Only one shot as prophylaxy at the beginning of the surgery.
  12. You will also have venous tromboemboli prophylaxy (antiembolic socks and injections if advised by experts).
  13. You will have early feeding. This will be done as “Feed with Wish” principal which is very popular and effective way of feeding patients nowadays. You will start to drink 6 hours after recovery from anesthesia. And will be discharged with eating puree on second postoperative day.
  14. If you are Type2 Diabetes  or Hypertension patient you will have improvements and possibly be a remedy for them.