Professor Dr. Ömer Faruk Bayrak

Medical Genetics

Department: Medical Genetics

Expertise: Medical Genetics

Faculty and Year: Biology-2002

Place and Year of Birth: Erzurum / 1979


Place and Year of Doctor Associate Professor: Doctorate Selçuk University-2010

Place and Year of Assistant Professorship: Yeditepe University-2014

Abroad Education: Minesota University Department of Cardiology Stem Cell Research Laboratory

Foreign Languages: English

Professional Awards:

  1. Turkish Neurosurgical Society Congress 2007 Best 7th Presentation Award (M. Altaş, Ö.F. Bayrak, İ. Elmacı, ME Yalvac, F. Sahin. Detection of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme I / D Gene Polymorphism in Patients Affected with Cerebral Cavernous malformations)

2nd Turkish Neurosurgical Society Congress 2008 Best 6th Presentation Award (Bayrak OF, Mut M, Ture U, Sahin F, Atlas M, Karatas OF, Yalvac ME, Ekici ID. 2008. Isolation, Characterization of Chordoma Cells and Chordoma of Some Chemotherapeutic Agents In vitro Demonstration of Effects on Cells)

3rd Medical Genetic Society Congress 2009 Poster 1st Poster Award (Eren H, Bayrak OF, Önal S, Multani A, Pathak S, Ittmann M, and Özen M, Role of Alternative Splice Variants of CDC25 Gene in Genomic Instability)

4th Medical Genetic Society Congress 2012 (Flag OF, Magli A, Perlingeiro RC. Best Presentation Award miRNA Roles of Embyonic Stem Cells in Mesoderm Development).

5th Turkish Neurosurgical Society Congress 2013 Best 5th Presentation Award (Bayrak OF, Güllüoğlu S, Aydemir E, Acar H, Atalay B, Demir Z, Sevli S, Chad J. Creighton CJ, Ittmann M, Şahin F, Özen M, Expression Profiling and Effects of miRNAs in Türe U. Chordomas

Number of Professional Publications: 32

Foreign Publications: 23

Citations: 148

International Proceedings: 11

National Proceedings: 14


  1. Articles published in international refereed journals: A1. Atasoy, M., Pirim, I., Flag, O., Ozdemir, S., Ikbal, M., Erdem, T., Aktas, A, “Association of HLA class I and class II alleles with psoriasis vulgaris in Turkish population Influence of type I and II psoriasis “, Saudi Medical Journal 373-376 (ISI), 373-376 pp., 2006, DOI: ISSN: 0379-5284 A2. Agar, G., Adiguzel, A., Baris, O., Sengul, M., Gulluce, M., Sahin, F., Flag, OF, “FAME and RAPD analysis of selected Vicia taxa from eastern Anatolia, Turkey”, Annales Botanici Fennici (ISI), 241-249 pp., 206, DOI: ISSN: 00033847 A3. Kahraman, M., Yazici, MM, Sahin, F., Flag, OF, Culha, M., “Reproducible surface-enhanced Raman scattering spectra of bacteria on aggregated silver nanoparticles”, Applied Spectroscopy (ISI), 479-485 pp. , 2007, DOI: 10.1366 / 000370207780807731 A4. 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Exit, P., Küçükgüzel, Ş.G., Küçükgüzel, İ, Rollas, S., De Clercq, E., Pannecouque, C., Andrei, G., Snoeck, R., Şahin, F., Flag, OF, “Synthesis and evaluation of antiviral, antitubercular and anticancer activities of some novel thioureas derived from 4-aminobenzohydrazide hydrazones”, Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal, 13-20 pp., 2010 F. Other publications: F1. Journal of Neurosurgery Volume 118, Issue 4, April 2013, Page 914 Bayrak, Ö.F., Gulluoglu, S., Aydemir, E., Ture, U, DOI: 10.3171 / 2012.3.JNS12478 F2. Journal of Neurosurgery: Bayrak, Ö.F., Gulluoglu, S., Aydemir, E., SpineFebruary 15, 2013; DOI: 10.3171 / 2012.2.SPINE111060.


Tasks in Projects:

  1. TUBITAK Executive 3503 (Career Project) 01.04.2013-01.04.2016 Isolation of Cancer Stem Cells from Chordoma Cell Cultures and Xenograft Models: Investigation of Mirna Profile in Stem Cells (112S485) 2. TUBITAK Supervisor 1001 01.08.2013- Genotoxic and Epigenetic Breast Epithelial Cells Investigation of Bioactivity of Dioxins and Xenoestrogens in Breast Milk with Changes in Reporter Gene Level (113S155)
  2. TÜBİTAK Expert 1003 15.12.2012-15.12.2014 Synthesis, Functionalization and Development of New Fields of Use of Boron Nitride Nanotubes with New Methods (112M480)
  3. TUBITAK Expert 1001 15.10.2012-15.10.2014 Development of DNA Origami Based Nanocarrier Tools 112T280
  4. TÜBİTAK Expert 1001 01.07.2007-01.07.2009 Mentha Longifolia L. Hudson ssp., Which has Antimutagen and Anticarcinogenic Properties in Erzurum Region. Longifolia and Origanum Vulgare ssp. Isolation and Identification of Active Substances from Vulgare Species
  5. TÜBİTAK Expert 1001 01.01.2006-01.01.2008 Development of New Nanostructured Surfaces for Raman Scatter-Based Microorganism Diagnosis with Surface Enhancement
  6. Experts TUBITAK in Turkey in 1001 01.09.2005-01.09.2008 Cancer Causing Potato Synchytrium endobioticum (SCHLİB.) Perc’n Pathological and Molecular Diagnosis: Determination of effective strategies to fight the disease with
  7. Yeditepe University BAP Executive 2009-2010 Identification of microRNAs and related transcripts with expression differences in human chordomas, investigation of the potential of using chordoma in molecular diagnosis and treatment
  8. Yeditepe University BAP Expert 2013-2015 Determination of miRNA expression profile in atypical meningiomas and investigating the effects of related miRNAs.

Association Club Memberships:

  1. Medical Genetic Society
  2. Molecular Cancer Association
  3. Biochemistry Association
  4. European Association for Cancer Research
  5. European Cytogenetic Association