Weight Loss Drug or Bariatric surgery?

On the internet, there are many weight loss drugs. However, much of them are not approved by FDA and related international authorities. Only four drugs were approved, but they must be used in certain circumstances with doctor’s supervision. In general, it is accepted by all medicine science that the only effective and sustainable solution for weight loss is bariatric surgery. In other words, drugs can not reduce stomach volume, only inhibit food intake for duration and you lose weight. After giving up drugs, individuals rapidly regain weight with the loss of many metabolic balances. There is much research in Web of Sccience, PubMed and databases reporting vital hazards of weight loss drugs.

For surgical solutions, there are three alternatives based on your health conditions: Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Balloon. Although they seem to be a surgical procedure, they are all approved by health authorities.

Patients generally turn to their daily life in a short time, and it is not a risky or difficult operation type. It may be argued that it is as common and easy as any aesthetic operation. Duration of operation depends on the health condition of patients, but not as long as vital operations.

In the sector, there are two price categories. The first one is Middle East oriented material based bariatric surgery packages. The risk and complication rate of these materials are under 2-3%, and acceptable for international standards. The second package is USA and EU oriented material based packages, which are our packages. They have under %0.001 risk and complication rate (nearly zero). Comparing their price rates is not correlated with their complication rates, thus we as Celyxmed use the most secure materials, the USA and EU oriented materials.

If patients want to ask any information or want to deal with our professor doctors, we can arrange a free meeting, and patients can ask whatever they want to learn. We as Celyxmed believe that all cases are special, and must be evaluated from doctors in their field.

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