Weight control after delivery

Similar to the pregnancy process, the relationship between the mother and the baby continues after the birth. The lactation process maintains the organic bond between the mother and the baby. In this process, mothers think that the milk of their babies should be of a certain nutritional quality, and they disrupt their feeding pattern and overfeeding is common among new mothers. In addition, the baby’s height and weight being in the low percentiles can cause important problems in the feeding patterns of the mothers.

Another important problem related to postpartum weight control is physical activity, as in pregnancy. The energy and time spent by a mother who regularly breastfeeds for lactation, apart from her daily routine, also limits her physical activities. In addition, the difficulty in regaining the eating pattern, which is disrupted during pregnancy, causes weight control difficulties after delivery.

Another issue that is indirectly related to postpartum weight control is body image perception. Most mothers believe that after delivery, their bodies will not be the same again, and that they have lost their body beauty permanently. In addition, the postpartum depression process is seen as a factor that negatively affects the nutritional levels of mothers. Many studies in the literature have shown that there is a relationship between psychological well-being and weight control. According to these studies, weight control is more difficult in individuals with high problems such as depression, anxiety, hostility, and negative self.

In this situation, liposuction which does not seriously affect the lactation processes of mothers is an important solution alternative for mothers to get the most effective results with the least invasive methods. Tummy tuck operations can help mothers to increase body image perception, and to have a more comfortable lactation process with their own bodies. In this way, it is possible to prevent not only the mother’s problems related to weight and obesity, but also some psychological and psychiatric problems.

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