Ways to avoid obesity during pregnancy?

Although obesity is an important health problem at every stage of life and a situation that needs to be tackled, it becomes more important during pregnancy. Pregnancy-induced weight gain is more dangerous and more difficult to control than non-pregnant individuals. Especially during pregnancy, expectant mothers do not limit their appetite or food intake in order not to adversely affect the development of the baby. This means a more irregular routine in food intake than normal individuals. Similarly, it is common during pregnancy to limit physical activities and avoid many weight-gaining activities to avoid harm to the baby. This situation can cause weight gain even for non-pregnant individuals.

There have been researches in the literature which report that obesity during pregnancy causes serious health problems for both mother and baby, more difficult delivery, increased complications after birth, and dangerous consequences for both mother and baby. Adiopectin balance is negatively affected with obesity, increasing the placental transfer of nutrients and amino acid intake. In addition, metabolites stored as fat are transferred to the baby via adiponectin.

One of the most effective methods in combating obesity during pregnancy is the balance between physical activity and food intake. Before the pregnancy, the expectant mother should decrease to her ideal weight, stay away from harmful substances such as cigarettes and alcohol, which are known to trigger obesity during pregnancy, and should monitor food intake and physical activity levels during pregnancy. Regular monitoring of the blood vitamin values of the expectant mother during pregnancy can prevent her from overfeeding against the thought of harming the baby due to nutritional deficiency.

Unlike normal individuals, pregnant women have a higher level of anxiety with the thought of harming the baby. There are studies reporting that anxiety triggers obesity. In this respect, it is beneficial for the expectant mother to be regularly informed about the health of the baby.

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