Voice Disorders

Since voice, which is one of the basic tools of communication, is personalized like fingerprints, nobody’s voice is like anybody else. However, our voice may be affected by many variables from time to time, from our emotions to the physical environment, smoking to sleep. This emerges itself by short hoarseness. The hoarseness that passes on average 10-15 days must be checked. When healthy and well-functioning vocal cords are disturbed due to external factors, they can recover themselves in an average of two to three days. It is important to consult a specialist when hoarseness that persists after flu and similar upper respiratory diseases and exceeds one week.

Disorders that might occur on the vocal cords can be simple and self-healing as well as serious and requires big surgical operations for its treatment. In the first line of serious diseases, cancer preceding lesions are placed. Since these lesions in the vocal cords can disrupt the vibration, it is almost impossible to distinguish the complaints of a simple or serious voice disease.

Sinusitis, allergic cold or allergic throat infections and reflux can affect the vocal cords. Those disorders may occur from inborn factors and listed as vocal cord not working properly or adherent, presence of a wound or cleft.

Treatment of hoarseness varies according to the disease. In all diseases except cancer, the surrounding tissues of the vocal cords are ensured to be healthy. Drug treatment is applied in cases of allergies, reflux, nasal discharge, and so on. If there is a lesion affecting the vocal cords, especially if there is a suspicion of cancer, the lesion removed after sampling should be examined pathologically.

Voice therapy is used in the misuse of voice. With this way; the correct use of the muscles in the vocal cords and the larynx, increasing the strength and endurance of the load, and the covering tissues on it are provided to be healthy. These exercises, which are applied by therapists who are specialists in speech and language therapy, should be done at least once or twice a week. In sessions lasting approximately 45-50 minutes, the patient works one-on-one with the therapist.

Anyone who wants to have a good voice can get voice therapy. Voice disorders are seen in 10-20 percent of the society. Looking at the profession groups, this problem is most common in teachers, and about 40 percent of them have voice impairment. Lawyers and imams also have a high incidence of this problem. Due to their loud speaking habits, boys have more voice impairment than girls. In adolescence, both sexes change in voice, but with the effect of testosterone, there is a much more serious change in the throat, thickening of the muscles and lengthening of the vocal cords.

Some surgeries cause vocal cord paralysis. In the treatment of vocal cord paralysis, voice surgeries applied from the neck are performed. Vocal cord paralysis is seen in people who have undergone surgery for a different reason. With thyroid, neck hernia surgeries, chest, lung and heart surgeries may cause damage to the vocal cord nerve. Such complications that cannot be prevented can be seen in one to five out of 100 surgeries.

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