The Need for Dental Aesthetic

Considering that teeth are an important building block of oral care, nowadays dental aesthetics became rather important. This aesthetic which makes way to a pleasing appearance is preferred in the treatment of color differences, broken or asymmetric teeth. Various clinics offer this highly in-demand service.

Dental Aesthetic

Alongside frequently visited dentists for regular dental care, dental aesthetic clinics are also needed to create an aesthetic gum appearance. Our clinic has been providing service in dental aesthetic for many years and especially on the gums, we offer solutions to problems like deformations or gingival recessions in a short period of time.

How is Dental Aesthetic Performed?

Problems occurring on teeth could affect a person’s life negatively. In order to be a solution to these problems, our clinic, in the sector of service, presents many services to our patients with our expert staff in dental aesthetic field. We offer and implement instant solutions to teeth and gum deterioration or discoloration problems to avoid a beautiful smile from being affected negatively.

Dental aesthetics is presented as a solution to congenital or acquired dental problems and in our clinic it’s performed though certain stages. The first step is examining the patient and identifying the problem process. During this stage, the patient’s demands are heard and decided upon a method. Detailed examination done by our expert dentists is divided in two categories; clinic and radiological

Following radiological examination, a full mouth x-ray is performed and action is taken upon restoring structures that could prevent dental aesthetic. Dental aesthetics is finalized after dental braces, filling procedures, treatment of cleft palate and lip, dental prosthesis and/or teeth whitening using special devices for discolorations.

Who Can Have Dental Aesthetics?

Our clinic having proven itself in the dental aesthetic field, offers delicate treatment possibilities. This easy to reach aesthetic technique could be applicable to anyone who is bothered by their teeth or gums.

What Should Be Taken Into Consideration In Dental Aesthetics?

Teeth and gums hold great importance regarding health alongside an aesthetic appearance and our clinic, being a pioneer in helping people obtain their desired smiles has all the needed information on the field. Our expert dentists show great importance to maintaining a natural look, creating a healthy dental structure, harmonizing teeth and gum merger, correct diagnoses and treatment.

What are the Frequently Used Methods in Dental Aesthetics?

Our company, having been serving in the field of aesthetics for many years, includes all applications that develop with technology in dental aesthetics. Among different techniques used for different diagnoses include teeth whitening, porcelain laminate, tooth gems, incognito, pink aesthetics, crystal supported crowns, dental implants and aesthetic fillers. Our team aiming excellence in the usage of all these techniques has all the necessary information.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implant having multiple advantages is one of our clinic’s most used techniques in dental aesthetics field. Most of the time all procedures aiming to protect dental health is inadequate and unfortunately the patient could face teeth decay, discoloration or asymmetrical dental distortion. Dental implant method in our clinic providing solution-oriented service to all these problems, has brought a new solution to the aesthetic appearance problems caused by missing teeth.

As a permanent method, this implant is described as auxiliary dental roots, and prevents the natural structure from deterioration. With this implant application provided by our company, in addition to obtaining a perfect natural appearance, problems in speaking or eating doesn’t occur, and a long-lasting tooth structure is obtained.