The Effect of Removal of Ghrelin Hormone in Obesity Surgery

Gherlin is a hormone that contains 28 amino acids and is produced in the stomach and pancreas. This hormone rises before a meal, causing the feeling of hunger and acts as the opposite of leptin, also called the satiety hormone. In other words, it is the hormone that creates the feeling of hunger in the body. There are studies showing that the Gherlin hormone is also associated with parts of the anterior pituitary, hypothalamus and hippocampus, and is effective on adapting to the environment and learning.

When examined in this respect, claims have been made that taking the hormone ghrelin through baritatric surgery will reduce learning and environmental adaptation in the body. Again, there are reservations as the hormonal balance of the body will be disturbed. However, contrary to all these thoughts and beliefs, the effect of gherlin hormone is minimized during the obesity period, especially in middle-aged and older individuals. In the periods when individuals need environmental adaptation and learning the most, that is, in the early stages of life, obesity improves with physical activities and diet unless there is already a serious hormonal disorder. In patients who need bariatric surgery, both adaptation to the environment and learning processes have already been completed. The small amount of hormone that the individual still needs is already secreted by the pancreas. In terms of environmental adaptation, many reasons such as being afraid of the social environment in obese individuals, not being able to go out among people are incomparable with the positive contribution of the hormone gherlin.

As the Celyx Med family, we do not aim for individuals to be satisfied with just a good health service before and after bariatric surgery. In addition, we draw up a unique and unique medical plan for each individual, taking into account other body systems, social lives, hormone balances and concomitant diseases. We work with this discipline in all bariatric surgery operations.

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