Smiling is Important

Nowadays, a smile is designed to create an aesthetic look, as smiling makes people happy. This design involves natural, healthy and perfect smile and it is among the most striking aesthetic methods.

Smile design helps people who are not satisfied with their teeth and smile, to have the smile that they dream of and our clinic is the only address for a brand-new start.

What is Smile Design?

Nowadays, smile design is among the methods that primarily come to mind when dental aesthetic is considered. This type of aesthetic has a very significant position among all services delivered by our clinic; it corrects teeth and lip structure that lead to unpleasant physical appearance, but it also ensures that a perfect smile is obtained. The design is a combination of extremely easy methods and it is commonly for treatment of diseases that develop in tooth gums and decays.

Since our operations are focused on aesthetic procedures, we care about oral and dental health, which play a significant role in social life. Due to all these reasons, we are certain that the smile design is the only address for certain problems, including missing teeth or incorrect alignment of teeth.

This design involves natural, healthy and perfect smile and it is among the most striking aesthetic methods. Smile design helps the people, who are not satisfied with their teeth and smile, have the smile that they dream of and our clinic is the only address for a brand-new start.

How is Smile Designed?

Smile design is among pioneering examples of aesthetic methods that diversify significantly thanks to ever advancing technology and it plays an important role in facial recontouring. We, Celyxmed, are strongly confident about this design that we perform without sacrificing a natural look. Smile design varies according to requests of patients; when a smile design is decided, we strictly take facial details, gender and age into consideration.

Smile design is mostly sought by people who experience dissatisfaction with the smile due to certain reasons; initially, aesthetic expectations and requests of the patient are carefully analyzed by our specialist doctor. Next step is a correct measurement in the mouth cavity and smile designs available in digital format form the foundation of the aesthetic. If orthodontic treatment, which is a non-surgical procedure, is not included in the treatment process, the problems related to the gums are eliminated first

If there are missing technique, treatment continues with implant technique, while discolorations in teeth are eliminated with bleaching techniques. After all these stages are completed, coating material is selected and teeth are covered. In addition, the problems that develop in lips and affect the smile negatively are also eliminated. Thus, self- confidence of the person with a brand new natural-looking smile is boosted. At this point, the smile design is completed.

Smile Design Therapy

Mouth cavity and teeth are examination and details of the design are determined in order to create a perfect smile before the design process starts. First, certain treatments are completed, such as tooth decays, gingival diseases and teeth whitening. Next, smile design aesthetic is completed based on requests of the patient using gingival aesthetic, bleaching, implant, prosthesis, crown or zirconium.

Playing a leading role in design treatment, our clinic informs the patient about the treatment at all stages. Thus, the patient finds an answer for each question about potential outcomes (before & after) of the aesthetic procedure in order to ensure psychological well-being of the patient during the smile aesthetic procedure. Our teams are always ready for potential outcomes that may occur during the treatment and they prevent occurrence of poor outcomes. Various materials and techniques are used for smile design, where the major principle is the match between physician’s opinion and request of the patient.

Is Smile Design Permanent?

The most important question that the patients usually concern about is whether the outcome of smile design is permanent or not. This question can be answered depending on the techniques that may vary depending on the smile request of the patient; permanence of the smile is directly proportional to the technique. While the bridge process performed on problematic teeth isn’t long lasting, methods such as teeth whitening cover a shorter period of time depending on the patient’s nutrition and oral care.

Permanence of the smile design can be prolonged, if correct methods are used for the design and certain minor rules are strictly followed. The design will persist for a longer time, if correct planning is combined with specialist doctor.

Comments about Smile Design

Smile design is among ever advancing aesthetic branches and nowadays, it is sought by many people. For this procedure that is mostly performed in private aesthetic centers, the role of social media cannot be ignored. Comments of people, who have undergone this procedure, clearly indicate success of this method. The statement “design is a must for a beautiful smile” is commonly read in comments and it implies the beauty in smiles.

This aesthetic procedure is commonly sought by people, who are not satisfied with their smile, and comments of people, who have undergone this procedure or who wonder about the procedure, are available in the social media. In addition to questions mentioned in comments, statements about satisfaction shared by people, who have undergone this procedure, also refer other people to the smile design.