Pain after Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery methods are becoming more common around the world with the development of new and current materials with experienced surgeons. In addition, data for the experience and operation outcomes are also cumulatively collected, and there are many articles on bariatric surgery operations.

One of the most important questions related to bariatric surgery is pain after the operation. Since bariatric surgery is a type of operation, surely there must be pain. Moreover, it may be argued that all medical invasive procedures include a certain level of pain. The important point here is the level of the pain and how bearable it is. For this, many pain relievers are used in medicine. These are generally examined under two headings as steroids and opioids. While steroids are in the group of common pain relievers that are relatively less harmful, opioids are drugs that are subject to more green prescriptions and lead to substance abuse. As might be expected, steroids are more preferred for health reasons. However, opioids are also considered as another option in cases of severe pain.

Steroids are commonly used in bariatric surgery, and in some bariatric methods such as a gastric balloon, steroids may not even be needed. Generally, bariatric surgeries are surgeries with a low pain threshold, and the comfort level of the patients is high. A number of variables such as the patient's pain threshold, susceptibility to pain, and comorbid diseases have an effect on the level of pain and duration of pain. Taking all these aspects into account, the duration and dose of painkillers reduce the patient's pain to such a degree that they almost never feel the pain. Similarly, the experience of the surgeon performing the surgery minimizes the level of pain as it will minimize the invasive intervention, that is, the intervention on the body.

As Celyxmed, we work with a team with the highest level of experience to minimize pain and ensure that the patient undergoes the process in the safest and most comfortable way with the least amount of pain reliever. In addition, we conduct a pain management study in which the patient will hardly feel pain, with pre-operative planning and post-operative evaluations. For this reason, we can proudly state that we have never had any complaints of pain in our significant number of operations.

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