Negative effects of obesity on health

Obesity is described as a concept mainly related with the body mass index today, and it is the body’s excess of the weight-height measure that is common in healthy individuals or what it should be. BMI is an indicator that represents body weight by dividing the weight by the square of the height. In other words, BMI represents weight per unit body area, and over 30 for BMI means obesity.

Although obesity alone is not considered fatal, similar to a health problem such as cancer or respiratory tract or heart disease, it is one of the most important factors underlying many diseases. In fact, the deterioration of the proportion of the body means the deterioration of the body balance, and the body will constantly engage in some non-routine activities in order to regain this balance or to maintain the balance. Many vital systems such as the respiratory, circulatory, excretory systems, skeletal system and defense system will strive to keep this extra mass in balance.

Obesity is therefore the main factor underlying most deadly diseases, even if it is not directly fatal. While in the past it was mostly mentioned together with diabetes, obesity has become an important public health problem in every field today. In addition, the effects of obesity on systems such as heart, kidney, respiration, excretion and organs in these systems are not the subject of research only in the medical field. In addition, it has been reported that obesity has negative effects on many subjects such as body image perception, self-confidence, self-efficacy, psychological well-being, academic success, and trust in relationships.

According to clinical and field studies conducted in different fields of science in the literature, obesity also has a negative effect on the social lives of individuals. There are studies reporting that obese individuals are more reserved or more aggressive in society. In addition to these, the thoughts that obesity is related to heredity in the family and the prevalence of obesity history due to the similarity of eating styles in the same family are also among the social problems.

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