Joey Lawrence's Hair Transplant

Although the hair transplant was successful in general, the contours of the forehead and hairline were drawn harshly. These contours disrupt the natural appearance of hair transplantation. In his 1993 album cover picture, which he released under his own name, Joey Lawrence had wavy hair that fell on the right side of his forehead. In the photographs that followed, his hair was shortened, but he had an image with a wider area on the left side of his forehead. This symmetry after the hair transplant seems as if the transplant team did not adequately examine the pictures and image of Joey Lawrence’s hair before she fell out. The symmetrical hair density in every area makes the angle difference between the support layer (aponeurosis) and the scalp unclear. Especially for an actor who creates an identity through visual image, these details should have been taken into account.

Another issue to be considered with hair transplantation is the changes brought about by aging. As the body ages as a whole, there is a certain change in all organs and appearance. Hair is one of the body images that most reveal age changes both in form and density. While the effect of age difference on hair was quite evident between Joey Lawrence’s young and middle age photographs, this situation became less obvious after hair transplantation. The only success criterion in hair transplantation is not closing more areas with less surgical intervention. This is undoubtedly the indispensable goal of the entire hair transplant process. However, the image and posture components of hair transplantation should also be taken into account and a study should be carried out accordingly. In the example of Joey Lawrence, hair transplantation seems to be quite successful in technical and medical terms. In this regard, it is necessary to congratulate the medical team who performed the hair transplant. However, in hair transplantation, where the image is also in question, there is no situation that the medical team alone will cope with or will be sufficient.

The example of Joey Lawrence’s hair transplantation clearly shows that the hair transplantation process will work best when multidisciplinary and experts from different fields come together. In fact, at first glance, this may sound a bit confusing. Although it is discussed that many specialists should take part in every hair transplant, the advantages and results are obvious. The fact that hair transplantation is not based on any physical medical reason and is mainly performed for psychological reasons requires further studies on this aspect.

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