Is it worth operation for a lifting breast?

Although the main function of our breasts seems to be feeding babies, it is one of the important components of body image that reflects the beauty of a woman. All women want to feel beautiful, and firmer breasts help women have more beautiful body lines and higher self-confidence. In this respect, breast lift has an important function for women to have a positive perception of body image and for women who are at peace with their own body.

In breast lifting operations, as in all other operations, cost and benefit analysis is important. Indeed, if breast lifting surgery had as many risks and patient costs as serious vital surgical methods such as a liver, bile, heart operation, then breast lift operations would not be recommended just because of some minor psychological or physical problems. However, compared to other surgical operations, much less intervention on body integrity and the fact that there is almost no serious health risk in the operations show that the benefits of these operations can be recommended for all women in need.

At this point, as in all surgical procedures, complicated or simple, the knowledge and experience of the physician, as well as the materials and experience used in breast lift operations, are of great importance. Although the process does not pose a serious health risk, an experienced and experienced team is of great importance in terms of the comfort and output of the process.

As the Celyxmed family, with the experience and experience of many years, the comfort and safety of our patients is our top priority. With this principle, we bring together superior experience, materials and methods in order to obtain the highest efficiency in breast lift operation. Therefore, as Celyxmed, we say that if the sensitivity we show is mentioned, “it is worth the surgery for breast lifting”.

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