Implant in HIV Patients

A healthy smile and breath is the right of every individual. Implant treatments developed for this purpose facilitate the daily lives of individuals and increase their self-confidence. On the other hand, it can be stated that there is a surgical method in the implant process, unlike external prostheses. Therefore, like many surgical interventions, some questions arise in the minds of HIV-positive patients about implants.

First of all, it should be stated that it is possible for HIV-positive people to have implants like other normal individuals. In HIV-positive individuals, unlike other individuals, the cleanliness of the clinic where the implant will be made, the sterilization and quality of the products used are of vital importance, since the immune system is weak due to HIV. It is necessary to ensure that the sterilization rules are followed even during the packaging or production phase of the material used. This situation, which can cause serious infections in normal individuals, becomes even more important in HIV-positive patients.

In the interventions performed in “under the stairs” or “unregistered” centers, the number of which has been increasing in recent years, undesirable results may occur not only in HIV-positive but also in healthy individuals who do not have any disease. It should not be forgotten that the knowledge and experience of the physician in matters related to health and the quality of the materials should never be compromised. Because, the cost of cost reductions made by bargaining will have to be paid heavily with the health of the patient.

As Celyxmed, we are proud to provide HIV-positive patients with implant treatment for years and to offer health services with a “zero risk” policy, without sacrificing experience and quality. For us, we show the necessary sensitivity to prevent HIV-positive patients and other patients from contracting HIV in treatment after these patients. With our scientific advisory board, which also conducts research for HIV-positive patients, you can have implants with peace of mind.

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