How is a natural appearance achieved in hair transplantation?

Although there is no medical reason, one of the most important reasons for people to have a hair transplant by giving away their earnings is psychological health and the desire to feel good.

Hair transplantation is also an indicator of individuals longing for the past and their fear of aging. Studies in the literature have revealed that there is a relationship between individuals; feelings of both aging and nostalgia and their body perceptions. From this point of view, hair transplantation is an indicator of an individual’s stance against time. Another important issue in hair transplantation is that individuals do not see serious discrimination from other individuals in society. Intense hair loss or baldness has been the subject of various anecdotes and fairy tales in every period. This causes people to come to the fore in an undesirable way in society. Although societies are more conscious about this issue today, the state of being bald has an imaginary meaning. This meaning often corresponds to a negative body image. Although the psychological contributions of hair transplantation are very important, there may be an opposite effect. Obtaining an unnatural appearance in hair transplantation may cause individuals to experience more serious psychological problems and deeper problems. In the first applications of hair transplantation, there were images with hairlines as if they were drawn with a pencil as if they had all come out of a similar mold. Although today hair transplantation is designed to achieve more and more natural appearances, the health institution that will perform the transplant should be competent and give importance to this issue. The CelyxMed family has adopted the principle of handing over every job to professionals as the basic philosophy. From this point of view, before hair transplantation, the patients’ past image, body structure, hair type, and related features are examined medically and visually, and the most natural hair transplant scenario is implemented accordingly.

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