Hair transplantation with the Stem Cell method

Hair transplantation is a medical field in which many different technologies and methods have been added in recent years, and today it is giving more and more successful results. Especially in individuals whose hair loss has become permanent and therefore body image perception has changed, hair transplantation has actually become an important area of ​​not only cosmetic appearance and aesthetics, but also psychological health. Self-confidence levels of individuals closely affect both their quality of life and their psychological health. Along with stress, the rate of resting hair, which is normally around 10%, rises to higher rates and temporary hair loss is another indicator of the relationship between stress and hair health.

One of the methods commonly used today is the stem cell or stem cell hair transplant technique. In this technique, stem cells are prepared in a laboratory environment from the samples taken from the patient's blood and body fat tissue and can be applied independently or together with hair transplantation. Although the number of studies reporting the definitive effect rate in this area is limited, clinical studies report that the stem cell technique provides graft and hair volume increase of approximately 20-30%. In practice, it is known that the effects of the stem cell method are much more. Observations and statistics made by the clinics during the patient follow-up period report that the number of grafts increases more than twice, and the hair volume and appearance increase more than 3 to 4 times compared to normal hair transplantation. However, the literature studies on this subject are limited, and with the conversion of field data to more publications, the effect rate of the stem cell hair transplant method can be evaluated more scientifically.

The current scientific literature reports that the method is suitable for its applicability and effectiveness, and its effectiveness is high. For this reason, stem cell hair transplant gives very effective results in the hair transplant process, whether it is applied together or separately. Because the scientific background of the method is proven, the application phase is easy and the patient does not require an additional invasive procedure compared to other methods, and the results obtained have a very high level of satisfaction, Celymed both recommends and successfully applies the method to hair transplant patients.

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