Hair Transplantation in Patients with Hepatitis

Although hepatitis A and B patients are suitable for hair transplantation, it is not recommended for hepatitis C. While liver disease develops in approximately 70% of hepatitis C patients, the rate of development of cirrhosis is 5-20%, and the rate of lung cancer development in patients with cirrhosis is between 1-5%. The high rates of this necessitate preserving the integrity of the body as much as possible and avoiding elective interventions from the outside. In general, all surgical or medical interventions, including hair transplantation, should be avoided during the entire hair transplantation process, during periods when the disease is severe or when symptoms are evident. Since being a carrier in hepatitis A and B patients will cause a risk of transmission, preventing the risk of transmission in hepatitis A and B patients prevents the disease from preventing hair transplantation in this sense.

When it comes to the effect of the disease on the patient, there is a need for the evaluation of a professional team that will take a risk assessment of the disease, apart from hair transplant specialists. It is necessary to evaluate the extent of the symptoms of the disease, what is the effect on the body, what kind of outputs will be in the hair transplantation process, and what the risks are, and the medical team should be informed about this issue. Therefore, a specialist team’s evaluation is needed in hepatitis patients, as in patients with other medical conditions.

As the CelyxMed team, our professional team, which brings together experts and the training they have received from many different disciplines, not only considers individuals with hepatitis disease, but also other hair transplantation patients who will use the same environment after hair transplantation of these patients, and accordingly manage the hair transplantation process. The most important issue for us is to prevent an undesirable result while trying to add a positive value to life.

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