Hair loss after Gastric Sleeve: Telogen Effluvium

Hair loss after bariatric surgery is one of the issues that patients are most worried about before the operation. Although the hair loss seen after gastric sleeve is temporary and at a very low rate, patients have serious concerns due to incomplete or incorrect information on this issue.

Hair loss, which usually starts suddenly and does not exceed six months after weight loss surgeries, is medically called telogen effluvium. In a person with normal health, 90% of the hair is in the growth phase and 10% is in the resting phase. Physiological and stress-related changes in the body can increase the rate of hair follicles in the resting phase, and as a result, temporary hair loss may occur. In addition, changes in nutritional level and vitamin intake after gastric sleeve are also factors affecting hair loss.

The most important and primary cause of hair loss after Gastric Sleeve is stress, and this stress is associated with body changes that occur both during and after the operation. However, in commonly reported cases, it is seen that hair loss usually occurs suddenly and stops within 3-4 months on average. In addition, like the hair loss process, the shed hair is also temporary and grows back again. In other words, while more than 10-15% of the hair goes into the resting phase during the operation and weight loss process, the resting phase rate then reaches around 10% and new hair grows instead of the lost hair.

The effect of the physician and the team from whom the health service is received is great in the issues of stress and the change in body image, which are the most important factors in hair loss after gastric sleeve. The surgeon who is confident, has a lot of previous experience and has good statistics will give more confidence to the patient and the patient will feel less stressed. Similarly, the quality of the material used and the place where the surgery is performed will give confidence to the patient, and when the stress is less, the hair ratio of the patient in the resting phase will not increase due to stress. Thanks to the health services that closely follow the changes in the weight loss process, this temporary situation can be overcome by the patient with the highest comfort. As Celyxmed, we are proud to say that we have minimized the problem of hair loss after gastric sleeve in the operations we performed in a JCI certified university hospital with the surgeons who have the highest experience in this field and the highest quality materials and the satisfaction level of our patients is very high in this regard.

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