Breast Lifting Operation

Breast sagging occurs due to aging, birth or some genetic factors. This situation affects both the comfort of life and the perception of body image negatively. Since sagging breasts will also increase the feeling of competition in individuals, it also creates a psychological burden on the individual. However, it is possible to get rid of all these problems and have a more vigorous, more beautiful and healthy appearance.

Breast lifting operation is one of the most common operations in the field of breast aesthetics. Although it is a surgical procedure, it is generally a surgical method that has a significantly low risk level for patients and is not a problem to apply, considering the results obtained and its long-term benefits.

In the breast lifting operation, it is ensured that the breast has a tighter and upright structure without any loss of volume. In some patients, not only breast sagging, but also breast smallness may be a problem. A solution to this problem is also produced in breast lifting surgery, and breast augmentation surgery is also performed. Breast prosthesis can also be used in cases where excessive weight loss, postpartum emptying of the breast or sagging occurs with age. However, when and how which prosthesis will be used, how necessary the prosthesis is and the level of benefit according to the cost of the prosthesis are closely related to the knowledge and experience of the physician. A specialist and a successful physician can solve problems such as sagging in the most effective way with the least surgical intervention. For this, both the experience of the physician and the frequency and ingenuity of the operation are important.

CelyxMed has adopted the principle of working with the most successful and effective physicians in the field while choosing its physicians in this regard. In addition, thanks to the post-operative data collection and observation methods, the results obtained are discussed with our physicians and it has a quality understanding that is constantly advancing according to the results. When the materials used and the physician performing the operation is of the highest quality, smiling and successful results are always obtained.

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