Arm Lift vs. Arm Liposuction Part 1

Should You Prefer Arm Lift, Arm Liposuction or Arm Reduction

A swollen, fat, or saggy arm can be due to excess loose skin, excess fat, or both. While arm liposuction can help with excess fat, excess skin on the arm will likely require the surgical approach of arm lift or reduction surgery.

Unfortunately, excessive fat deposition can cause the upper arm to have an abnormal contour that doesn't go away with conventional weight loss methods. This abnormally stubborn fat leads to a bulky arm that is disproportionate to the rest of the body. Removal of this fat by arm liposuction may be appropriate for a small percentage of younger patients with elastic skin. However, liposuction of the arm or a "scar-free" arm lift are generally not suitable for patients with excessively loose, sagging or tight skin. Removing the fat will only leave the skin more sagging.

Excess loose skin is usually the result of weight loss that doesn't go away on its own. This leads to sagging skin around the arm and the appearance of bingo wings or trout guns. Arm lift surgery can help by removing the skin, however it will leave a scar under the arm.

What Causes The Skin on the Arm To Sag?

As we age, two important proteins in our skin decrease; Elastin and Collagen. As a result, the elasticity and firmness of the skin gradually decrease. The reduction of these proteins leads to sagging skin. Subsequently, there are other factors that accelerate this process, among them;

● Poor nutrition

● Excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco,

● Continuous exposure to the sun (UV) for a considerable period of time can accelerate this age-related process of loss of skin tension and elasticity.

Your skin may also give way later;

● Sudden and rapid weight loss

● Or after bariatric surgery to lose weight.

● A rare medical condition known as loose granulomatous skin can also cause excessive relaxation of the skin around the arm.