Anesteshia in Gastric Sleeve

Removal of most of the stomach in Gastric Sleeve operation causes the operation to be more invasive than other bariatric surgery methods. Therefore, general anesthesia is a commonly used method in gastric sleeve operations. In the general anesthesia process, the patient's overweight situation makes it necessary to be even more careful during the anesthesia process. In this process, the medical agents used in the sedation and anesthesia stages are generally examined in two basic classes as steroids and opioids.

Studies in the literature have revealed that obese individuals are more sensitive to medical agents used for anesthesia. This shows that the preoperative anesthesia process is even more important in bariatric surgery compared to a normal individual. However, studies in the literature using different agents in the bariatric surgery process in obese individuals reveal that it is necessary to manage a patient-specific anesthesia process in bariatric surgery patients in general. Since obesity brings with it many chronic and systemic diseases, each patient's anamnesis, history and body parameters should be carefully evaluated and a decision should be made accordingly.

In general anesthesia protocols, although the current health status of the patient is taken into account, it can be stated that the relationship between more than one systems of each patient is not adequately evaluated, therefore, important complications occur during the operation process, and sometimes these complications have very serious and devastating consequences. In the emergence of such a result, the fact that the patient's multivariate structure and current condition is not evaluated has an important role, despite the application of known guidelines.

In gastric sleeve operations performed by CelyxMed, first of all, the patient's chronic and systemic disease history, family disease history, physical parameters, blood parameters and all relevant factors are taken into account, and an appropriate anesthesia protocol is applied. In addition to the known common anesthesia protocols, thanks to additional patient-specific protocols, the anesthesia process ceases to be a risk factor for the operation and becomes an important component of the recovery and comfort process.

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