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Our Approach

Many new material producers and materials are entering the sector day by day due to the fact that material production in health services is easier today. However, they may cause more complications than materials with more experience since these materials are new and have not yet reached a certain level of experience.  Although the complication rates for both the new product and the experienced product are at an acceptable level, this rate is much lower in the well-established brands with experience, and this is reflected in the price.  Therefore, quality material is of vital importance in minimizing material-related complications.

The same is true for our doctors. Although all our doctors are valuable to us, there is no doubt that both the success rates and their measurement are easier for doctors who operate with more patients. For this reason, there are trainings for doctors that require a certain experience and process during expertise and operation. After the training, there is a new experience with each case and a new knowledge with each experience. The field that requires the most progress and update among the scientific disciplines is the field of medicine.

We, Celyxmed, think that relatively new products that have been approved by various international authorities are also of good quality and that doctors with relatively low number of cases are also valuable. However, we do not think that our patients are even within acceptable risk limits when it comes to international health services. Complications originating from a doctor or hospital can actually be avoided one hundred percent in a fully sterile environment with quality equipment and materials, experienced doctors. Patient-related complications are highly predictable. We follow all kinds of field research and scientific studies in order to minimize the risks of patient-related complications and to reduce non-patient-related complications to zero. More suitable material or our relatively less experienced doctors may be an acceptable situation for patients in their own country. However, we do not take such a risk because we undertake to be the relatives of our patients who come to our country from another country and trust us. We do not reflect the majority of the price difference due to the highest quality materials, the highest experienced doctors and the highest quality accredited health center to the patient.

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