Customize the conditions and facilities.

Our goal is to provide the freedom to choose the best facilities and services. We offer a wide range of hospitals, hotels and transportation options. If you want, you can create your package yourself, or you can take advantage of ready-made packages. Our customer representatives assists you in every step, all you have to do is to choose the most suitable options for you.


Professional assistants speaking your own language.

We are speaking the same language as you during the procurement phase, from meeting at the airport and during all operation processes. Our goal is to make you feel at home throughout the whole process. Our professional assistants are always there to help you.


Transfer services at every step.

We organize both outside and internal transfers. Transfer services start at the airport with the welcome, continue in hotel and hospital visits. We perform all transfers in every step of the process.


Various hotels

If you wish, you can choose the hotel which is closest to your hospital or another one with a view of the Bosphorus. You are completely free in the choice of accommodation, we organize your preferred accommodation at the best price for you.

Contracted hotels : Hilton Kozyatağı, Hilton Bomonti, Bof Ceo Ataşehir, Holiday Inn Şişli, Wyndham Kalamış, Radisson Blue Şişli,


Before/Post Operation

We provide consulting services for you during the pre-treatment, medical evaluation and post-treatment controls. If there are more than one method for treatment, we also help you to make a decision.


Best doctors in the field

We do not provide only the best of hospitals and accommodation facilities. We also make sure that treatment processes and operations are taken care by the best doctors in Turkey. In short, we are bringing together the world’s most technological health facilities and the best doctors in the field.