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Face Operations

 Breast Implant

 Breast Reduction

 Leg Lift


 Muscle Tightening

 Jaw Line


Breast Lift

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 Thigh Lift

 Butt Implant

 Lip Filler

 Paris Filler

 Scar Operation

Why Celyxmed Healthcare ?

As we, Celyxmed have been helping our all counselees with the highest technology in JCI accredited hospital via 25 years++ experiences professors and best quality materials. Our expert teams has provide our counslee's hotel,transfer and hospital coordinations.

Top Priorities of Celyxmed

Our, Celyxmed's top priorities, before our counselees are operated, they are definitely taken to the operation according to consultation and suitability. All consultations and tests are carried out by us in our A++ Hospital, accompanied by experts. The highest level of comfort is provided for the counselee before and after the treatments. Our expert medical consultants will support you online 24/7 after all treatments. There is absolutely no any extra charge from our consuelee's packages. For Celyxmed, it's not just the medical operation, It is a set of experiences that open a new page in the life of the patient and make smile when you look in the mirror.

What are we doing?
When Can I Swim and Sunbathe after the Surgery ?
When Can I Turn Back My Country ?
When Can I Take the Plastic Surgeries After the weight loss surgeries ?
How Long Should I Wear Corset ?
When Can I Travel Via Plane ?

Op. Dr. Kemal AYTUĞLU

Op. Dr. Kemal Aytuğlu has participated in various medical congresses with scientific papers and theses on his profession, and has successfully completed around 8,000 hair transplant and aesthetic surgery operations since 2000.

Consultation Support

According to the needs of our patients whose treatment has been completed, control sessions are created at certain periods that the physician deems appropriate, and treatment follow-up is carried out.

What is Plastic Surgery ?

Plastic surgery, or plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery with its full name, is a surgical discipline that covers restructuring and shaping of various structures on the body, removal of serious tissue losses and all kinds of aesthetic interventions.

Who Can Benefits From Plastic Surgery ?

Individuals who are physically and mentally healthy, have completed their physical and mental development, have a significant deformation and are psychologically affected by this condition or have a medical problem are suitable candidates for aesthetic and plastic surgery.

Types of Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics

It is the suspension or stretching operations performed to rejuvenate the face and neck lines.

Stretching Operation

These are the operations performed to collect and stretch the excessively sagging skin to provide a flat appearance.


Eye Contour Operations

These are operations for sagging and swelling in the lower and upper eyelids.

Breast Operations

Customizing and erecting the size of large and small breasts.


It is fat removal operations from the body. The only way you can get rid of your fat by tightening.


Nasal tip, complicated nose and primary nose operations are operations aimed at correcting fractures and solving breathing problems.

Our Plastic Surgery Blogs

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