Another famous Lisa Lampanelli who had bariatric surgery had gastric bypass operation in 2012. The celebrity noticed her weight on The Doctor Oz Show in 2012 and realized that her excess weight was no longer a joke. Expressing that she tried to lose weight by trying all the methods on the planet before bariatric surgery, Lisa Lampanelli lost 80 pounds in a short time with the help of vitamins and exercises after exercise.

In overweight individuals, not only a concomitant disease or health problem, but also excess weight itself can be an obstacle to weight loss. When the body BMI rises to high values, as in the example of Lisa Lampanelli, physical exercise is also restricted. In this case, it becomes more and more difficult or even impossible to lose weight with physical exercises. The deterioration of the body’s weight balance also affects the metabolism, and the balance of food or food intake is also disturbed. In this case, bariatric surgery methods offer an effective and definitive solution, as in the example of Lisa Lampanelli.