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Hair Transplant in Turkey

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Dr. Kemal Aytuğlu


Op. Dr. Kemal Aytuğlu has participated in various medical congresses with scientific papers and theses on his profession, and has successfully completed around 8,000 hair transplant and aesthetic surgery operations since 2000.

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Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey, offering a permanent solution for people suffering from severe hair loss due to certain reasons, hair transplantation eliminates people’s problems about physical appearance. Thus, such people who do not face any problems in social life gain their self-confidence. Scalp hair has a major effect on physical appearance; therefore, hair loss may cause people to look older than their peers.

Hair transplantation is among the aesthetic operations with strong demand and it is also treated with great respect by our clinic that delivers services in the field of aesthetics. The procedure is very commonly sought by men, but women have also requested hair transplantation in recent years.

Hair transplantation is a miracle in terms of eliminating above mentioned problems. This method involves harvesting natural hair follicles and transferring them to bald zones and it should be performed by specialist doctors to avoid potential negative outcomes of the procedure.

All team members of our clinic have the knowledge and experience required in this field of aesthetics. Since healthy hair follicles are selected for the procedure, the success rate is quite high. By this transplantation technique, the new hair follicles will be permanent and baldness will end.

How is hair transplantation performed?

Hair transplantation is an absolute solution for baldness which is one of the major problems in our era and this method does not involve a very difficult path. Hair follicles are usually harvested from the posterior neck of the people and they are transferred to bald zones using various techniques; the success rate of this procedure is very high. Since the hair follicles in the posterior neck are resistant to the DHT hormone that causes hair loss, scalp hair is not lost in this region. Therefore, healthy hair follicles are “a shot in the arm” for bald zones.

Two techniques are used for the transplantation, where the most important detail is to ensure a natural look. Techniques used for hair transplantation include FUT, the classical strip method, and FUE, the non-surgical hair transplantation. In classical technique, hair follicles are harvested by making an incision in the posterior neck and this area is stitched afterward. Hair follicles are sorted using certain devices and the hair transplantation procedure is completed by transferring them one by one to the bald zone(s). By the FUT technique, a maximum of 1500 hair follicles can be transplanted. Although our clinic can apply both methods, the FUE technique is commonly preferred for hair transplantation. In the FUE technique, also known as hair transplantation without surgery, hair follicles are collected one by one using a punch. By the FUE technique, approximately 4000 hair follicles can be transplanted.

Preparation for Hair Transplantation

Certain preparations should be performed before the hair transplantation that has a very important position in the field of aesthetics. Following the examination by specialist doctors of our clinic, patients are informed in detail about the procedure in the preparation phase, where it is very important to reveal whether you have a health problem or not. Details of medications used by people with any health problem are very important for a successful operation.

Blood thinners, such as aspirin, and other similar drugs should be stopped at least 2 to 3 days before the transplantation procedure. Alcohol consumption and smoking should also be stopped before the operation. A light breakfast is allowed before the surgery and scalp hair should be washed in advance. Moreover, patients should have slept well for a certain time before the operation. Since the hair transplantation is performed in the posterior neck and head, you should wear button-front clothes in order not to lead to any complications after the operation.

Basic Phases of Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is one of the most important aesthetic operations in our clinic and it is performed through certain stages. These stages are preparation, planning, collection of grafts, canal drilling, and transplantation of grafts (hair follicles). Since each stage has unique characteristics, our clinic reviews all details one by one and completes the transplantation without any errors.

Hair transplantation starts with the preparation stage, where scalp hair is analyzed. Next, blood tests are ordered to clarify whether the person is eligible for a hair transplantation procedure. Results of physical examination are reviewed by the specialist doctor in the planning stage and the hair transplantation technique is decided. The process continues with shaving the hair and next, an anterior hairline is drawn. If the FUE technique, characterized as a surgical procedure, is decided, then local anesthesia is administered. Grafts are collected under local anesthesia. Then local anesthesia and applications are administered to the plantation area. Next, canals are drilled in scalp zones that are deemed appropriate for transplantation procedures. At the final stage, healthy hair follicles are placed into canals, and hair transplantation is completed.

Before Hair Transplantation

Many details should be known and paid attention to before the hair transplantation procedure that is associated with a very important operative process. The opinion of a specialist is very crucial for this type of aesthetic that also requires obtaining various disciplines’ consultations.

You can get this service easily from our clinic and undergo hair transplantation operations with a very high success rate. Other details that require attention before the surgery is to stop consumption of caffeinated beverages at least 1 week before the operation. Moreover, consumption of green tea should be stopped; hair lotions, oils, and similar products should be stopped for 1 month, on average, before the procedure.

Hair Transplant Centers

Many hair transplantation centers are available that are established specifically for hair transplantation aesthetics, as hair transplantation gains popularity. These centers compete mostly by using the same technique and their difference usually originates from devices and procedures. Our clinic is ahead of its competitors based on the services delivered.

After Hair Transplantation

Many issues should be paid attention to after hair transplantation is a very crucial type of aesthetic. Following measures should be taken to maintain outcomes of successful hair transplantation;

  • Preventing the surgical site from impacts for the first 6 weeks,

  • Activities that aggravate sweating should be avoided,

  • Patients should lie in the supine position,

  • Activities that lead to sun exposure should be avoided and patients should not drive for 24 hours.

Outcomes of Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation procedure usually offers a hundred percent success and it allows long-lasting, permanent, and natural-looking hair.

Hair Transplantation Istanbul

Istanbul is a world-famous city in every field, that has also gained a reputation in the field of aesthetics in recent years. Hair transplantation is one of the aesthetic branches with very strong demand and our clinic is among the very qualified centers of Istanbul in the field of hair transplantation.

Hair Transplantation Comments

Social media displays comments of success in hair transplantation aesthetic that is gaining ever-increasing popularity. Comments on all fields, ranging from a natural look to permanence, promote the reputation of this transplantation technique.

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