Gabourey Sidibe, who is overweight and has Type II diabetes, is a celebrity who has had bariatric surgery. Gabourey Sidibe stated that for a long time she did not want to lose weight with surgery, and she tried many methods to lose weight. However, after the bariatric surgery he had in May 2016, Gabourey Sidibe got rid of his excess weight significantly and achieved a healthier life standard.

Type II diabetes is a chronic disease with high obesity and high morbidity. In fact, diabetic patients have impaired sugar balance compared to normal individuals. For this reason, the diet given to diabetic patients is aimed at maintaining the body’s sugar regulation rather than weight loss. As in the example of Gabourey Sidibe, thanks to bariatric surgery, these patients regain their ideal weight in a short time, and both the symptoms of chronic disease decrease and the response to treatment increases.