1. What exactly do your services include?
As Celyxmed, we undertake all your post-treatment needs as well as transfer and interim transfers, transportation, accommodation, official correspondence and procedures, as well as the medical solution required for you. At the same time, we offer effective, fast and patient solutions to all your problems in the process.

2. Is Celyxmed intermediary firm?
Celyxmed is not just an intermediary health firm. It is an operational company with its own professors and experts, performing its services using ground and medical equipment from the highest quality healthcare institutions. The company carries out its activities in compliance with all international regulations and certification processes. All processes are carried out in accordance with international standards, transparency and accountability principles. Since the transfer and transportation of patients and accommodation operations are included in tourism activities, Celyxmed has accredited tourism activity certificates in this field as well.

3. Who will decide which type or method of treatment I will do? Me or your medical professional?
If you have done a research before and you are knowledgeable about the subject, we check to confirm your information and whether you have received information from the right sources, and whether the medical method you have chosen is appropriate. If you have not chosen a method or treatment, we provide the necessary research and information to help you choose the appropriate method or treatment. So, in any case, we analyze the most suitable methods for you, through our team of medical engineers and professor doctors/ex-experts. If there are two or more methods where all benefit-costs are equal or the difference is small, it is up to the patient to decide.

4. What kind of support does Celyxmed give me when there is a possible problem in my medical process?
Ceylxmed's basic philosophy is patient safety and patient comfort. With a maximum empathy process approach, Celyxmed applies the highest known/published patient safety processes to its patients. Celyxmed gives the support possible with the highest level of initiative, not only regarding the committed medical/medical process, but also in the time spent for deposit, in other problems of the guest within the country.

5. How does the payment process work?
A certain amount of prepayment is required for both the reservation of the operating room and the accommodation process and the preparation of the medical team. Celyxmed receives 10% as prepayment, the remaining package fee is received after hospitalization, before the procedure.

6. How does the process work if I give up on the process?
For cancellations made up to one week before the transaction, the prepayments received are refunded after the required tax/transfer deductions.

7. What kind of support is provided for the issues that I am not satisfied with after the operation/procedure?
Celyxmed takes measures to prevent this problem from occurring whenever possible. On the other hand, in case of dissatisfaction, concrete conditions are evaluated together with the patient, and in case of a Celyxmed deficiency in the process, this situation is corrected.

8. How do you choose the material quality used in the operations/processes?
As Celyxmed, even among the products/materials/materials accepted by international authorities and having a margin of error below 1%, the highest quality is selected. Ceylxmed's main motivation is to eliminate the option of complications/problems arising from the material from the beginning. That's why Celyxmed uses products/materials and equipment of the highest quality in its field.

9. Does your medical support continue after the operation/procedure?
After the operation, Celyxmed provides endless support to the patients in all matters related to the operation or procedure.

10. For transactions that I have to come to Turkey more than once (such as 6-month balloon, 12-month balloon, dental treatment), will I pay transfer and hotel fees each time?
Our Celyxmed medical clients prepare a “personalized” package according to the service you have received and according to your needs. Each time, Celyxmed creates packages for its patients, taking into account the highest patient safety and comfort.

11. In continuous transactions, such as 6-month balloon, 12-month balloon, dental treatment), does the exchange rate difference affect the process?
As Ceylxmed, with a patient-oriented approach, an attitude in favor of the patient is displayed in all developments in the process. Unless there is a force majeure situation (war, disaster, etc.), the difference arising from the exchange rate difference is not reflected to the patient.

12. What kind of process should I follow for my companion(s) who will come with me? Is there a limit to this?
Theoretically, there is no limit to it. However, since factors such as the country of origin, time zone and age range of the patients will differ, it is necessary to plan the future patient's relative/relatives with our medical consultants in advance.