I was very satisfied with the hair transplant performed at the Celyxmed clinic. I met a very good and reliable team and got along very well. I felt like at home. Thank you so much.

I was very pleased with the celyxmed clinic that I came to for a hair transplant in Istanbul. My surgery was successful, and I had the hair of my dreams. I would recommend it to everyone.

If you want to get a Hair transplant in Istanbul, I would definitely recommend you to go to the celyxmed clinic. The location of the clinic, the service quality, complimentary lunch, the staff and the friendly doctor, they are all excellent.

A few months ago, I came to Turkey for sleeve gastrectomy and had my surgery in Celyxmed Clinic. I only had 2 nights in hospital for precaution and that was it. I could not believe how easy and affordable it was to have such a surgery. Definitely worth the international travel. I can recommend them to anyone seeking for weight loss surgery.