Exp. Dr. Seyhan Perihan Çobanoğlu Saf

Child Health and Diseases

Department: Child Health and Diseases

Area of ​​Expertise: Child Health and Diseases

Faculty and Year: Marmara University School of Medicine, 2006

Place and Year of Birth: Niğde – 12/06/1982

Email: drsperihan@yahoo.com

Year and Place of Specialty: Istanbul University Istanbul Faculty of Medicine i 2012

Foreign Languages: English

Professional Publications:

* Coskun Saf, Enver Mahir Gulcan, Ferda Ozkan, Seyhan Perihan Cobanoglu Saf and Ayca Vitrinel

“Assessment of p21, p53 expression, and Ki-67 proliferative activities in the gastric mucosa ofchildren

with Helicobacterpylori gastritis “European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 27: 155-161, 2015


* Perihan Saf, Agop Citak “Evaluation of the Frequency, Risk Factors and the Complications of

Increased Intra-Abdominal Pressure and Abdominal Compartment Syndrome in a Pediatric Intensive

Care Unit “Journal Of Intensive Care Medicine, Admission

Career Summary:

2012-2015 Munif İslamoğlu Kastamonu State Hospital Child Health and Disease

2015-2016 Koç University Hospital

2016-2017 MÜTFV Academic Hospital

2017-… Yeditepe University Hospital


Certificates and Documents:

* Donation Services Course: Marmara University Halksağlığı March 13-20, 2006

* Breastfeeding Counseling Training Course: Istanbul University Institute of Child Health

Women and Child Health Education and Research Unit 10-12 January 2007

* Antibiotic Course: 30th Pediatric Days and 9th Pediatric Nursing Days 14-17 April 2008

* Neonatal Resuscitation Program Practitioner Certificate: Ministry of Health, Department of Maternal Child Health and Family Planning 04-06 November 2008

* Pediatric Advanced Life Support Course: Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care Association, American Heart Association, American Academy of Pediatrics Istanbul Medical Faculty 5-6 June 2010

* Nutrition Course: 4th Puader Congress April 27-May 3, 2015 Antalya


* 29. Pediatrics Days and 8th Pediatrics Nursing Days April 2007

* 9. International Nutrition and Metabolism Congress October 2007, Istanbul

* 30. Pediatrics Days and 9th Pediatrics Nursing Days April 2008

* 31. Pediatrics Days and 10th Pediatrics Nursing Days April 2009

* 32. Pediatrics Days and 11th Pediatrics Nursing Days March 2010

* 33rd Pediatrics Days and 12th Pediatrics Nursing Days April 2011

* 9. Uludağ Pediatrics Winter Congress March 2013, Bursa

* 57. Turkey’s National Pediatric Congress in November 2013, Antalya

* 3. PUADER Congress of Pediatric Specialty Academy May 2014, Antalya

* 4. PUADER Congress of Pediatric Specialty Academy May 2015, Antalya

* 37. Pediatrics Days and 16th Pediatrics Nursing Days April 2016, Istanbul

Association Club Memberships:


Istanbul Medical Chamber

Association of Pediatric Specialty Academy

Turkish Pediatric Association