Dr. Atakan Bör

Floor Doctor

Department: Floor Doctor

Expertise: Floor Doctor

Faculty and Year: Gata Medical Academy, Faculty of Medicine 2002

Foreign Languages: English

Career Summary:

01-2019 | 08-2019 Lifemedn Center Lifemobil Home Care Center Founder Responsible Manager


02-2017 | 12-2018 Galatasaraylılar Foundation Care and Nursing Home: Responsible Physician


02-2017 | 12-2018 Family at Home Care Center: Medical Director


10-2016 | 02-2017 Memorial Atasehir Hospital Organ Transplant Floor Doctor as a pediatric liver transplant patient follow-up and management, workplace physician as a health and safety monitoring


04-2013 | 10-2016 Military Sewing House and 2nd Armored Brigade Brigade Chief Medical Officer and Chief of Health Department and all health services of 5000 people (medical, dental doctor, veterinarian, psychological consultant, health petty officer, nurse, pharmacy, ambulance, medical supplies and supplies) administration and provide medical services


09-2012 | 04-2013 Kabul Military Hospital Afghanistan Providing missions and medical services abroad within the scope of NATO Award


09-2010 | 09-2012 66. Armored brigade in Istanbul as the chief brigade of the Brigade and the commander of the medical staff (to provide all the food for 100 people) to manage all the health services of 4000 staff and provide medical services


09-2006 | 09-2010 4th Border Regiment Mardin Regiment as the primary registrar to manage all the health services of 3500 personnel on the 250 km Syrian border line and to provide medical services



11/2004 | The Cyprus Border Regiment. As the regiment’s chief doctor, to administer all medical services of 2500 personnel along the 150 km Nicosia-Magusa border line and to provide medical services


Certificates and Documents:

08 | 2012 Workplace Physician Certificate

01 | 2003 First Aid and Resuscitation Certificate

08 | 2009 Family Medicine Stage 1 Certificate

05 | 2012 Team Physician Certificate