Smile aesthetics, which emerged after the meeting of the restorative treatment branch, which is specialized in the field of dentistry, with aesthetics, is one of the most preferred aesthetic types today. Smiling is far important in our era since it is a necessity to be happy and to feel good.

While developing the service range in this field continuously, our clinic schedules an interview before the smile aesthetic procedure, notes down the requests and informs the patient on details about pre and post operation. The patient-specific fantastic smile is prioritized in the aesthetic procedure to be performed.

For this to be realized, details of dental health and relevant solutions should be determined and relevant measurements should be performed. Images of the mouth cavity are transferred to a computer and then, the best smile aesthetic is selected among the types of smiles.

Smile Aesthetic

This type of aesthetic has higher ranks among the services pioneered by our clinic and the smile aesthetic has a significant function to eliminate certain problems, such as deformities of teeth, discoloration and size differences in gums. The teeth with poor appearance may lead to serious health problems over time. Moreover, this type of aesthetic is gaining ever-increasing demand, as it also offers a solution for dissatisfaction about shape of lips.

We are rightfully proud of being a pioneering clinic in this field due to our services, including types of crowns and lip contouring offered specifically to patients, who are not satisfied with their smile. This type of aesthetic allows creating a completely natural looking smile, but we also prioritize oral and dental health during this procedure. This aesthetic procedure starts with a dental examination; we create permanent solutions for all your dental problems and we do not ignore care of your gums. You also play a role while your new smile is planned; we share many details, including face profile, skin color and lip structure with you before proceeding with the smile aesthetic procedure.

How is Smile Aesthetic Performed?

The smile aesthetic involves numerous treatment methods, but the treatment process is quite easy in this type of aesthetic. Smile aesthetic is associated with perfect outcomes through zirconium or porcelain laminate, implants, lip contouring, pink aesthetic, bonding and laminate porcelain. Oral and dental examination performed by specialist doctors before the procedure has a major effect on selection of correct aesthetic method. Best aesthetic method is selected according to patient’s request; here, the basic aim is to help the patient to have a beautiful and healthy smile.

After the examination is performed before the procedure, detailed photos of mouth cavity and teeth are shot and images are transferred to a computer. Dental measurements are performed and results are combined with patient’s requests. However, this procedure requires a certain interval of time, as a certain time should elapse between sessions. All stages ranging from determination of tooth’s dimensions to attachment of crowns are planned in detail by our specialists. Recently, smile aesthetic has quite high success rate and it is commonly preferred.

Who are good candidates of Smile Aesthetic?

Offering various service options in the field of aesthetics, smile aesthetic requires fulfillment of certain criteria. During the examination performed by our specialists before the aesthetic procedure, certain details, such as face profile, jawbone and structure of teeth, implies whether this aesthetic procedure is appropriate or not. Patients can benefit from this type of aesthetic applied for a beautiful smile, if they fulfill all criteria. This aesthetic procedure is a viable option for everybody with a well-developed jaw structure, who are older than 18, but certain criteria should also be fulfilled.

Personalized Smile Aesthetic

This type of aesthetic totally focuses on patient’s request; smile aesthetic is personalized as attractive smile, intellectual smile and sportive smile. Among types of personal smile, the attractive aesthetic smile targets anterior teeth. Since anterior teeth look more prominent, a beautiful smile is supported with a young look in this aesthetic type.

In intellectual smile, all teeth are combined on the same parallel line in order to gain a mature smile. On the other hand, central incisors look long in sportive smile. All these types of personalized smile aesthetics offer quite successful outcomes.

Personalized smile aesthetic is not dependent on the sex of the patient; recently, it gained top positions based on increasing demand in the field of aesthetics. This type of aesthetic is the only secret for a fantastic smile; our clinic is by your side in every detail and offers you the most beautiful smile by its fantastic team.

The highest demand for this type of aesthetics, which creates different smile effects with personalized smiles, which are trending all over the world in recent years, and which helps people find themselves, comes from people who cannot have a beautiful smile because of their teeth. The most important factor in this method, which is also used by people who do not have a beautiful smile due to their chin structure, is to keep personal wishes in the foreground.

How long does Smile Aesthetic takes?

Smile aesthetics, which combines a healthy mouth structure and a beautiful smile, is performed within a certain time. This process starts after the first examination, taking the dental measurements and selecting the relevant smile types in the computer environment which covers an average of one week.

Smile aesthetic is concluded in 7 to 10 days with all treatments included. If there is an implant treatment it’s concluded in 3 months in 2 sessions.

How is Smile Aesthetics Designed?

The bad appearance of the smile, which leaves different expressions in each person, causes people to be psychologically affected negatively and to lack self-confidence. Our clinic, which was established in order to say stop to all these, puts its signature on beautiful smiles with its smile aesthetic application. With this application, which is mostly applied with personalized designs, it beautifies the natural smile of people and gives them back their self-confidence.

The design process is easily completed by choosing the smile that has the most suitable qualities for the face type in the smile design, which is decided by mounting the different smiles selected with the 3D technique in the computer environment around the face of the people.

Smile Aesthetic Prices

Since smile aesthetic is a special type of aesthetics, which brings high costs, as in all areas of aesthetics, all devices used in its content and all centers where the application is made face this concept. For this reason, we come across with price tags that are increasing day by day.

Aesthetic devices, which have taken their share from the developing technology today, also have serious effects on these aesthetic prices. Smile aesthetic price tags, which generally consider criteria such as the area of ​​application, the choice of doctor, the variety of devices to be used in these stages, the duration of the session, where the aesthetics will be performed, also experience this interaction on a yearly basis.