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Smile design is among the methods that primarily come to mind when the dental aesthetic is considered. This type of aesthetic has a very significant position among all services delivered by our clinic; it corrects teeth and lip structure that lead to unpleasant physical appearance, but it also ensures that a perfect smile is obtained. The design is a combination of extremely easy methods and it is common for the treatment of diseases that develop in tooth gums and decays.

This design involves a natural, healthy and perfect smile and it is among the most striking aesthetic methods. Smile design helps the people, who are not satisfied with their teeth and smile, have the smile that they dream of and our clinic is the only address for a brand-new start.

Dental Treatments

In this treatment, the missing teeth are replaced with real solid screw teeth.

In this treatment, all teeth are whitened with a veneer and a smile design is made.

Teeth are made longer by cutting the gums. In this way, your smile will be more effective.

It is used in full mouth treatment without damaging the bone by making 4 angled implants.

Our Dental Blogs

By removing the nerves inside the tooth, decay and pain are prevented.

If there is a meltdown in the bone, which should normally be 14mm, it is repaired and made healthy. In this way, implant treatment can also be started.

Teeth are whitened with a blue laser beam given to the teeth at certain intervals for a total of 45 minutes.

6 implants are placed 'angled' and help complete oral treatment in the wide tooth area.

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