In the Algology clinic, non-chronic malignancy pain can be treated with modern methods. Treatments in the clinic are performed under daily hospitalization, sedation and local anesthesia. These treatments are as follows:

Trigger Point injections: It is a method used especially in the pain of syndromes such as muscle fibromyalgia, myalgia and fibromiosis, and some migraine origin pain. Treatment is carried out with local anesthetic drug injection.

Local nerve and sympathetic nerve blocks: These methods are used for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in various pain types and chemical neurolysis drugs are used for long-term treatment. Similar application is made to the rib nerves.

Epidural and Transforaminal steroid injections: Especially in low back and neck hernia, spinal cord adhesions, nerve infections called neuritis, spinal canal stenosis, some postoperative pain, sports injuries, waist back injuries, the steroid-containing drug is injected into the epidural space that concerns the area.

Radiofrequency Thermocoagulation: Especially in spine facet joints, facet nerves and facial nerves and some limb nerves, long-term treatment can be performed. This technique is treated by applying heat to the nerve at 42-80 degrees Celsius.

Epiduroscopy application: By entering under the x-ray of the spinal canal, pathology is detected directly with the eye and the problem is solved with laser, RF, adhesion medication applications and various catheters at the same time.

Nucleoplasty applications: The herniated part of the spine is inserted with various needles with the help of x-rays, and the herniated part is extinguished by laser, RF or various medication applications, or the herniated disc part is removed by applying 800-900 km per hour water pressure called Percutaneous Hydrodiscectomy.

Epidural adhesionolysis: It is the process of opening adhesions in the spinal cord membrane with various laser, RF and dissolving drug applications and catheters with the help of x-rays.

Spinal Cord Stimulation: In persistent chronic pain, it is the process of eliminating pain with placing some electrodes in the spinal cord under the x-ray and the sending current with the help of a permanent battery.