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One of the biggest problems encountered in the global delivery of health services is the transformation of health services at different costs into commercial purposes and the provision of low-quality, profit-oriented health services due to this. As Celyxmed and its parent InfoMed, we find the definition of “Health Tourism” commercial and prefer to use the term “Global Healthcare” instead. Tourism refers to the process of "making a region or touristic value marketable", in which there are tourist attractions and destinations. Undoubtedly, tourism is an important area of employment and economic return within the economic system. However, health as a “global public value” should be free from commercial concerns. From this point of view, patients should be able to receive this service with maximum quality and comfort, but with the highest patient safety.


Specialist knowledge accepted by international scientific and official authorities in the field of medicine with patients. It has made it a mission not to compromise on the quality of materials and specialists, regardless of any reason or market-competition condition. In addition, Celyxmed uses the most up-to-date methods and information by blending its experiences and achievements with the academic field. Celyxmed, whose basic philosophy is maximum patient safety and satisfaction, aims to work with people who have the highest knowledge in their field, from the beginning to the end of the treatment process, at every stage.


The vision of Ceylxmed and its health group can be summarized as follows:

  • Using the highest quality products of the current market (especially US and EU origin) and constantly following the product quality and feedback

  • To work with experts and professors who have zero or minimum professional complications and have a high level of experience.

  • To include academic knowledge and methods at every stage and category of its field of activity, based on academic feedback

  • To work with patient counselors, whom the patient can trust as a member of the family, at every stage from the patient's entry to the country until he/she returns home

  • Patient counselors are not only translators but also medically trained professionals and highly equipped personnel.

  • Regular follow-up of patient feedback in a way to keep patient safety, satisfaction, and comfort at the highest level


Supporting patients with other health-related problems or issues they are curious about after the process




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