Abdominoplasty-Tummy Tuck

People tend to have tummy tuck surgery when they have excessive, saggy skin on their belly area and see no results of their diet plans or their exercise methods. This may result in significant changes in weight, aging or depends on your natural body type. So, what is abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)? It is the process of removing extra fat and skin from the abdominal walls. This surgery is performed in the hospital and the patients are expected to spend the night in the hospital in case of an emergency. Complete recovery takes 2 to 4 weeks and in the end, the patients will have a toned and slimmer belly.


What Are the Risks of Abdominoplasty?

The first thing to mention about the risks of abdominoplasty topic is that it is not for everyone. If you plan to have that surgery, your surgeon needs to take account of your medical history, future pregnancy chances, heart disease or diabetes conditions and so on. During the surgery process bruises and numbness may occur in the belly area.

This surgery is suitable for both men and women and while most women have that surgery done after pregnancy; men who were once obese usually have it to get rid of the excess fat deposits or loose skin on the belly area.

According to researches, abdominoplasty is among the most performed surgical procedures however it may also cause the most devastating cosmetic outcomes. As long as patients maintain their current weights, there won’t be unexpected results. Also, it is important to get this surgery done in an expert center as the results may not turn out as wanted all the time. In case of such consequences, asymmetry may occur and the fatty tissue deep in the skin might be harmed.

What Should Be Done After Abdominoplasty Surgery?

The first thing that should be done after abdominoplasty surgery is pain management. It is suggested by the surgeons that patients shouldn’t use Aspirin to handle the pain as it diluents the blood and can cause bleeding. Patients should use recommended medications by the doctors and if the pain is severe, a pain pump can be provided to the patient. Other than pain management, one should also maintain physical activities but avoid heavy exercise. To promote fast healing, one should avoid smoking. Eating lighter foods, avoiding sleeping on the stomach are other options that can be handy in the healing process.